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"I do not teach my students. I create an environment which is conducive to learning."

Albert Einstein
Personal Consultations

I am very impressed with the readings provided by Cain. He is very different from other Fengshui masters that I have visited in the past, to be more precise, he is in a league of his own in terms of the services he provides. With very limited information provided to him (i.e. date and time of birth), I am astonished to find that he was able to provide an extremely accurate reading and even predict the concerns and questions I have before I have the chance to ask.

Unlike many of the masters who can only give you a very generic reading, Cain goes in depth and he is able to extrapolate and do a very comprehensive consultation, the fact that he prepares a hardcopy report speaks volume for his professionalism and dedication. Cain is more then a Metaphysics master, he is a superb counselor and a great friend.

Chee Hun Khee
Associate Director, IT
- Feng Shui
- Personal Consultations
- Corporate Identity