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"The biggest obstacle to learning new things is the belief that you already know it"

Zen saying
Metaphysic reading
The study of metaphysics uncovers the prevailing energies and wisdom that surround us. It is the practice of accessing the depths of our character and environment through the understanding of this world of elements we live in. Cain Ow has the experience and expertise to advice you through this journey.
A Personal Consultation with Cain is like talking to a family member who knows you to the core. His caring and sincere manner is calming, and you can trust him to guide you to a sense of clarity and inspiration, so you begin to feel empowered towards making better choices.

Geomancy/Feng shui Consultations provide detailed analyses to create the most optimal environment for your home or work place. Cain’s high level of professional and knowledge is sought after by individuals and corporations alike.
Ways of having your consultation with Cain
Cain is able to help you wherever you are. Consultations are not limited to a one-on-one encounter and can be conducted through the telephone or internet.