© Cain Ow, Metaphysics Advisor
"Attachments bring desire, desire creates grievances.

Live a life without attachment to create fulfillment to your inner self

Stay healthy and live happily."

Cain Ow

My name is Cain Ow and I am a Metaphysics Advisor.

In my work, I have learnt that there is such a thing as ‘Destiny’ and that it is not entirely fixed. We all have the potential within us to make powerful changes in our lives. My gift is to help you gain personal perspectives so you can move forward, overcome challenges and limitations, and become aware of the possibilities to make better life choices. This part of my work is to help you with the fundamental nature of Being.

The other aspect of my work as a Metaphysicist is to explain the nature of Being and the world. I try to share the knowledge of the greater energies that surround us, and to help you within the arts of geomancy and feng shui.

I have a diverse clientele from all walks of life, including large corporations and celebrities.